George Soros Knows How To Make An Impact

George Soros has been a powerful influence within the political arena for many years. The billionaire businessman has not been shy about putting his money behind the person he wishes to see in office. Being involved with the presidential election has inspired Soros to contribute millions of dollars to the candidate of his choice. He has spared no expense in making a direct impact on the nation’s highest executive position. George Soros is a known supporter of the Democratic Party. His bottomless bank account has been a powerful tool for his party’s well being.

George Soros scaled back his financial contributions for a time. He spent an estimated 27 million dollars in an effort to defeat George W bush in 2004. George Soros prides himself on being a behind-the-scenes nightmare for his Republican counterparts. He re-entered the political scene to lend his support to presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. George made his resources completely available and prepared to use whatever methods necessary to secure the election for the Democratic candidate.

The Barack Obama presidency was a bit befuddling to the powerful billionaire businessman. Soros initially supported Obama. However, his favor for the president would turn as the years past. Barack Obama did not make the effort to secure a meaningful relationship with Soros. During this time George would form a much stronger bond with Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. Their connection grew stronger towards the end of Obama’s second term. Message traffic between Soros’s office and the office of the Secretary of State show the billionaire explaining his position in relation to the upcoming election.

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Here’s How George Soros’s Latest Predictions Have Played Out

The 2016 election threatened much of what George Soros had stood for has a political activist. The Republican Party presented a strong cast of candidates with Donald Trump eventually becoming the front-runner. This motivated Soros. His contributions to the Democratic campaign would surpass the efforts made in 2004. This lifted the morale of the Hillary Clinton team and ignited a movement that created one of the most competitive presidential debates and American history.

Soros did not rely on his contributions alone to make the impact he desired in the 2016 presidential election. He enlisted the services of other powerful business organizations to match his efforts in order to develop a juggernaut of financial support for the Democratic candidate. The supporters included Tom Steyer, Don Sussman, Haim Saban and Fred Eychaner. As a team these campaign donors were able to generate a pool of money that dwarfed the reserves of Donald Trump.

George Soros received intense criticism for his insatiable political spending. Many accused him of the trying to buy a president for his own personal gain. The scrutiny grew heavy after the tremendous spending to oust George W bush failed in 2004. George pull away from politics as a result of this and focused on philanthropy. He donated millions of dollars to causes supporting human rights. The Democratic process in Eastern Europe is of great interest to George Soros. He has also worked to advance the quality of healthcare and education within the United States.

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Kabbalah Centre – A Better Way to Approach and Lead a Fulfilling Life

How you look at your world directly impacts how your current life is and one can predicts its future. Everyone longs for a joyful life with a lasting fulfillment, and that is exactly what Kabbalah is about. It is an ancient wisdom that provides one with practical tools necessary for bringing about joy and a lasting fulfillment. At Kabbalah Centre, Kabbalah is taught not as a scholarly study, but for the individual to create a better life, which translates to a better world.

Kabbalah centre is a nonprofit organization whose teachings are pointed towards the benefit of life and enjoying everyday life. At this centre, the teachers provide students with spiritual tools that are based on the Kabbalistic principles. In turn, if the students apply them as they see fit, they are guaranteed to improve their lives, hence making the world a better place. The center was established in 1922 by Rav Yehuda Ashlag. Today, it has expanded globally to over 40 cities other than it having an unwavering online presence.

The Kabbalah Centre believes that their teaching long pre-dates the teachings of the bible and religions and it is in that regard that anyone regardless of religion, faith or path can study it. The course of study provided describes creation, both spiritual and physical laws of the universe, existence of man and the journey of the soul.

Kabbalah believes in and passes on to its learners, 5 core principles.

Sharing – It is the purpose of life and the only way to receive life fulfillment is through it.

Awareness and balance of ego – Ego directs people to be selfish, hurtful, narrow minded, addicted etc.

The existence of spiritual laws – These laws of the universe directly affect people.

We are all one – Everyone has a spark of the creator that binds everyone into one totality.

Leaving ones comfort zone creates miracle – one should strive to become uncomfortable for the sake of helping others.

Kabbalah Centre Charitable Projects

In a bid to create a better life for people, the centre is involved in walking from town to town sharing, giving charity, and helping people. Some of its charitable causes and projects include,

  1. a) The Kabbalah Centre Charitable Causes (KCCC)
  2. b) The Zohar project
  3. c) Kabbalah Centre Scholarship Fund
  4. d) Support for Spirituality For Kids
  5. e) Support for Kids Creating Peace
  6. f) Kabbalah Children Academy (KCA)

To this day, Kabbalah Centre is steadfast in making the wisdom of Kabbalah highly accessible so as not to be the only place to learn the teachings.

Brian Torchin knows the best Medical Professionals

When somebody goes into a medical facility, they want to make sure that the facility is one that is staffed with highly qualified doctors and nurses. Hospitals and clinics all over the country always want to make sure that they have access to the best medical professionals that are around. When it comes to looking for those professionals, Dr. Brian Torchin and the folks at HCRC Staffing is a known industry leader for doing such a task.

HCRC Staffing is a Philadelphia, PA based company that specializes in finding and selecting the right medical staff for any medical practice. HCRC Staffing can help with any new hospital or health district that are in the search for new doctors and nurses.

The company also helps with patient to provider services. These are things such as setting up appointments and human resource type tasks. HCRC lives by one major credo and that is to use their ‘years of medical and staffing knowledge to enhance the hiring process’ of any new medical facility.

Brian Torchin is the President of HCRC Staffing and has had tons of experience in opening medical facilities throughout the greater Philadelphia area and in Florida. He is well known in his field and has clients all throughout the world. Brian Torchin is very committed to staffing all his clients with the best medical professionals that are out there today. From to staffing to consulting, HCRC Staffing is among the best in its field.

When it comes to looking for medical professionals for a new medical practice or looking for advice in starting a new practice, Dr. Brian Torchin and HCRC Staffing is certainly by far the best to place to go and consult with.

Keith Mann Gives Back To The New York Community

The CEO of Dynamics Search Partners, Keith Mann, has been a major part of the Wall Street community for many years after he became an expert in source the best candidates for various parts of the financial industry. Keith Mann has been at the heart of Wall Street and the global financial industry throughout the majority of his life, but he has also looked to make sure his own success is reflected in the New York community as a whole. In his work with Dynamics Search Partners, Keith Mann has found success recruiting executives for the hedge fund and alternative investments industry in the U.S., Asia, and Europe.


Throughout each year Keith Mann and his wife Keely can be found looking for the best ways of giving back to the community as they enjoy the success provided by Keith’s development of the Dynamics Search Partners brand. In 2015, the couple looked to try and change the perception of the New York Police Department at a time of tension within the city by providing breakfast for members of the 54th Precinct; members of the Mann family are involved in law enforcement and Keith hoped his gesture would help show the vast majority of police officers are dedicated professionals.


Alongside the support Keith and Keely Mann have provided for the New York Police Department the couple has also looked to ensure the future of many young people is secure with their links to the Uncommon schools program. Keith headed a fundraising effort on Wall Street for the network of more than 40 charter schools across New York that raised over $22,000 in a single night to make sure students had a better chance of receiving a high quality education; Keith Mann’s Dynamics Search Partners has also been responsible for providing over $10,000 in finding to make sure all testing is completed for students attending this school network.

David Osio Tremendous Achievements

David Osio has successfully climbed the ladders of professional prosperity by becoming the founder and current CEO of Davos Financial Group of Companies based in Venezuela. He is a re-known financial advisor who has seen the company prosper to profitability. Having graduated from the Catholic University of Andres Bello in Venezuela, David Osio embarked on specializing in International Banking Law, that is, advanced management program. The achievement enabled Osio to lead Davos Financial Group of Companies to extraordinary heights.

Osio’s career kicked forward back in 1981 where he became the president of OPED Enterprises that dealt with the coffee export program. Within a short period, luck was on his side as he moved to another executive position in Letco Commercial Companies where he ventured in marketing programs for the company’s products.The Caracas law firm, MGO, later introduced him into banking law whereby he was made in-charge of corporate clients. By this time Osio had gained a lot of experience in both legal advice and the banking industry sector; that made him secure a job with the Private Banking Division of Banco Latino International (BLI). Hard work and determination in this new company made him be appointed as the Vice President of the Company in two years time frame. His role as Vice President saw the bank become an outstanding player in the bank sector internationally. Out of the outstanding performance of BLI, David Osio decided to establish this institute by the name Davos Financial Group of Companies by the year 1993. Out of its financial prowess and social responsibility, Davos Group has today emerged victoriously.

Osio’s ability to understand clients’ needs and expectations are henceforth the attribute of the success of Davos Group. Moreover, his successes are a link to the training and experience with the Swiss Bank Corporation and the American Banking cooperation. On the part of social responsibility, Davos Company has successfully partnered with non-profitable organizations to support arts and culture, children’s foundations, among other initiatives. Through these charitable events and economic activities spearheaded by David Osio, it has seen him awarded with several prizes.

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