Wild and friendly Illinois

Eco and wildlife friendly travel in Illinois

There are many places in Illinois that a person or family can visit to learn about being eco friendly and helping animals. If you are planning a visit to Northern Illinois you may consider stopping by the Flint Creek Wildlife Rehabilitation and Education Center or the Willowbrook Wildlife center.


Illinois has many wonderful sites to see. If you are visiting the Chicago area and want to stay at an eco friendly hotel you can do a simple google search on green lodging in Chicago and several options will be available to you. Whether you decide to stay at Aloft, Hyatt or Radisson is entirely up to you but Chicago features many earth friendly hotels. Once you are settled and ready to discover there are a few local wildlife conservation areas close to the city.


A short drive to Barrington from Chicago will take you to the Flint Creek Wildlife Center. Flint Creek was founded in 2003 and also has a satellite office in downtown Chicago at northerly island. This is the only wildlife rehabilitation center in the city. They also offer education on being environmentally conscious.


The Willowbrook Wildlife Center in Glen Ellyn also cares for orphaned and injured wildlife. There are plenty of animals for young children to see and a educated and informative staff that is willing to answer any questions a guest may have. Willowbrook Wildlife also offers several education programs for youths and adults. Guests will learn about mammals, birds and insects through out the year at these programs.


It is important to try to minimize our carbon footprint and many places near Chicago are becoming more conscious of this. If you would rather travel abroad a wonderful resource for finding eco friendly lodging and activites is wildark.com. This travel site offers deals on African safaris and wilderness trails, Lodges in Alaska and wilderness experiences all through out southern Africa.


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