Jennifer Walden Keeps Things Professional

How Walden Got Her Start

Dr. Jennifer Walden is a woman who has always set out to accomplish her goals. Jennifer Walden was born and raised in Austin Texas. She went to the University of Texas Medical Branch, and she was the salutatorian of her class. Walden completed an aesthetics surgery fellowship at the Manhattan Ear, Nose and Throat Hospital. Walden wanted to start her own practice, so that is exactly what she was able to do. Walden focused on her practice for a number of years while living in New York and during that time she also was able to co-author a book about anesthesia plastic surgery.

Why Walden Is Special

Dr. Jennifer Walden Reviews is a woman who is unique in her field; plastic surgery is a field that is dominated by men. There is only a small percentage of female doctors who are members of the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. Plastic surgery is not a very welcoming culture for women. In spite of all of that, Dr. Jennifer Walden has been able to rise to the top as a world famous plastic surgeon.

Making Big Moves

Even though Walden loved her practice in the Manhattan, she made the decision that she wanted to start a family and move home to Texas. Walden became a single mother and gave birth to twin boys. Walden wanted her family to be involved in the raising of her boys, so she wanted to live close by. Walden also was going to have to relocate her practice, and that was something that worried her. She was not sure if she was going to be able to get the same client base in Texas as she did in New York. Walden quickly discovered that there were people all around the world who were interested in plastic surgery. She was able to have two patients already booked for breast augmentation by time she had landed in Texas. Click here to know more.

Staying True To Values

Walden is a woman who believes in the importance of hard work, family, and good friendships. She enjoys helping people, and she is proud of the fact that she is able to give women confidence and great looks. Walden is a woman who has been able to accomplish amazing things because of her drive, dedication, and desire to help others.



Podcast advertising has been documented to have a positive impact on consumers’ intent to buy a product and brand recall. When compared with traditional advertising methods then podcast advertising wins.

Podcast advertising has a positive impact on important advertising effectiveness measures. This was according to the results of a study conducted on a pre and post podcast campaign-brand lift for different podcast advertisers.

According to the results announced on February ninth this year, sixty percent of the consumers were able to recall a given grocery brand after the campaign compared to eight per cent of listeners who could remember the brand before the campaign.

Product awareness among consumers also increased from pre-study to post research by thirty-seven percent for automobile products, by twenty-four percent for garden and lawn products and by forty-seven percent for financial products.

The results also showed that after the campaign, the favorability of products among consumers increased while their intention to buy such products also increased.

The awareness of products campaign messages also increased by sixty percent for an automotive aftermarket service and by seventy-six percent for restaurants. The research was done for four to six weeks by Edison Research for podcast One a firm that offers podcast marketing and sales services.

The study sought to investigate if podcast advertising was effective in increasing brand awareness for five national products. The brand used were both well-known brands and lesser known brands. Online surveys were used to select audiences for leading podcasts before and after the campaign was run.

The results showed that podcast was an effective way of advertising as the public became more receptive to the featured brands. The audience also became more willing to buy these products after the campaign. These results were verified and emphasized by Norman Pattiz the executive chairman and founder of Podcast One who encouraged advertisers to use the podcast as the new way of advertising.

About Norman Pattiz

Norman Pattiz is an American broadcasting entrepreneur. He is the executive chairman of Podcast One which he founded in twenty thirteen. He also founded Westwood Inc. in nineteen seventy-four. Norman founded Courtside Entertainment Group in twenty ten.

Under his leadership, Westwood Inc became the largest American network in broadcasting. Under his leadership, Podcast One has become a leader in providing audio on demand programming. Today Podcast One is well known for podcast advertising of popular brands.

Pattiz has served at the United States Broadcasting board of governors after being appointed by President Clinton in the year two thousand and reappointed by President Bush in two thousand and two.

In the year two thousand and nine, Pattiz was awarded the Giants Broadcasting Award by the famous Broadcasting Library of American and inducted into the Nation Hall of Fame.

Clay Siegall’s futuristic efforts in developing cancer treatment and therapies.

Cancer has troubled the minds of expert researchers and the most resourceful nations around the world. The most common types breast and prostate cancer kill thousands of Americans every year. According to data analytics, colon cancer is on the rise and proves to be adding to the catastrophe immensely. It is not news that the diagnosis and treatment of the illness in its early stage presents a better opportunity for the patient to kill the cancerous cells and live a normal healthy life.

There are numerous studies around the world delving into the intricacies of cancer cells. Most researchers develop treatments concurrently along therapies. Lately, genetics have come up as factors that could shift the treatments of patients to match up individual sequences. One of the scientists with intense studies on the matter is Clay Siegall, whose career is focused on the issues that trouble governments worldwide.

Clay Siegall stated that cancer researchers are utilizing the full benefits of genetic extraction developed in the recent years. So far, they have established that cancer can be the result of genes and not just diet, environment and other external factors. Using DNA sequencing, practitioners can tailor a treatment plan that suits each patient effectually. He added that a Dutch based research firm has successfully developed a diagnosis and treatment scheme that runs for only two weeks from the time a patient requires accurate diagnosis.

Clay Siegall is the co-founder chief executive officer and president of Seattle Genetics. Clay Siegall has a specialization in cancer treatment using DNA mapping. He started Seattle Genetics to employ high tech detailed research methods that would surpass previous research attempts.

His interests in the field stemmed from the trauma of watching his father die of cancer at the age of 24. His father suffered the illness for five years and passed away due to lack of better diagnosis and treatment. He dedicated his life to giving cancer patients hope for the future and eliminate pain from them and their families. Before starting Seattle, he worked with Bristol-Meyers Squibb Pharmaceutical Research Institute. Currently, he has contracts with Genentech, Pfizer, and GlaxoSmithKline to develop treatments.


Securus Technologies Cracking Down on Prison Drugs

Drugs in our prison is something we try very hard to eradicate. Me and my fellow officers know first-hand what happens to an inmate who is under the influence of drugs while behind bars. Add into that mix an inmate taking the wrong drugs or too much of one, and they go from a violent to deadly offender. The most frustrating part of the situation is these inmates will often comment how easy it is for them to be able to get those drugs inside the jail compared to when they were out on the streets.


In an effort to put a stop to the flow of drugs through our facility, we work in different areas of the jail at the same time in order to tighten the noose on this issue. First, we do searches of the inmates and their guests in the visitor center. Next, we are always doing inspections of cells throughout the day. Lastly, we monitor inmate calls and listen for key conversations that could tip us off to potential problems.


When we first had Securus Technologies install their inmate call monitoring system, we didn’t think it would offer much in the way of revealing the location or whereabouts of drugs. Once we were taught how to use the LBS software, it became apparent that we had something that could help us to really take proactive measures to eliminate this problem once and for all. Securus Technologies has 2,600 of these same monitoring systems in prisons all over the country, and now we know why.


As soon as an inmate talks about how they can get drugs, sell drugs, or use drugs inside our jail, the alert feature lets us know so that we have the ability now to get ahead of the problem instead of always being in reaction mode.


U.S. Money Reserve President Set to Release New Report at Emergency Meeting

U.S. Money Reserve, Americas Gold Authority®, has just announced that an Emergency Gold Conference will be held this week in Austin, TX. This event can be attended by invitation only, and will take place in a protected and undisclosed location.

Leading the event is accomplished former U.S. Mint Director, and current U.S. Money Reserve President, Phillip N. Diehl. At the meeting, Diehl plans to discuss today’s global threats from cyber attacks, terrorism, national debt, and the aftershock of the last financial disaster.

Diehl also plans to reveal his new U.S. Gold Report at the event. Diehl’s report will address domestic as well as international challenges we face in the modern world. Thankfully, it also informs citizens how to leverage against these risks by owning gold.

Diehl’s experience as one of the most successful U.S. Mint Directors in history and as President of one of the largest international dealers of U.S. and foreign issued gold products allows him to provide unique and priceless insight into the financial security that owning gold brings. It is this insight that has made Diehl’s knowledge so valuable that media outlets such as Forbes, the Financial Times, The Wall Street Journal and Business Insider have all sought it out.

Since 2001, U.S. Money Reserve’s team of coin researchers and numismatic professionals have served hundreds of thousands of citizens around the United States. It is this crack team and their industry expertise that has allowed U.S. Money Reserve to flourish into one of the world’s biggest dealers of U.S. and foreign government-issued precious metals.

U.S. Money Reserve serves clients at every level who are interested in protecting their wealth by buying and owning gold, silver and platinum. It is their practice of making long-term relationships with everyone of their customers, and their top-notch customer support that has put them one step above the industry standard.

It is U.S. Money Reserves mission to educate citizens on alternative forms of asset and wealth protection by keeping them up to date on precious metals. Their drive and passion to protect citizens from the financial risks of our unstable world continues to prove that U.S. Money Reserve is the industry’s gold standard, and America’s Gold Authority®.

Learn more about US Money Reserve:

Hippeas CEO Livio Bisterzo: Changing The Snacking Industry

There are many different ways that people are able to snack and are able to get out of the snacking industry. Livio Bisterzo knows this and he also knows that the snacking industry needs some type of disruptor who will make it a better market.

Because Livio Bisterzo is changing things with the opportunities that he has, he wants to show people what they are missing out on and what they can get out of the different options that they have. He also knows that healthy snacking is a priority for most demographic groups so that people will be able to enjoy the options that they have. Since Livio Bisterzo is working on making sure that he can do different things with the snacking industry, he has developed Hippeas so that he will be able to get more out of the options that he has. He also does what he can to show people that they don’t have to sacrifice anything to be able to snack healthy.

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Since Hippeas first started, Livio Bisterzo has seen major success with the company. Since it is a market disruptor, he had to do a lot to make sure that he was going to be successful and he nailed everything that he needed to do to make sure that it would continue to be successful. Despite the fact that not many people heard of Hippeas at the beginning of the campaign, most people have heard of it now and most people know that they can get the perfect combination of health food and snacking from Hippeas.

Green Park Holdings is the core of Hippeas. It is the company that Livio Bisterzo is the CEO of and it is dedicated to making snacks better for people to try new things. Since Livio Bisterzo first became the CEO of the company, he has come up with many new ideas to make sure that people have the exact snacks that they need to be able to live a healthy life and make sure that things are going to work out no matter what they are doing in their own area.

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The Next Big IOT Gadget Might Be From Jason Hope

The Internet of Things is touted as a technological advancement that is going to change how we run our daily lives. Imagine all your devices from the bulb switch to your sandwich toaster being networked in a way that they can communicate with each other, wouldn’t life get even more exciting.One of the champions of IOT, Jason Hope believes that this technology is the future that will revolutionize how we conduct our daily lives. Tech companies that are keen on tapping into this technology are aligning their products and business model the IOT. Consumers are already utilizing gadgets that are made with IOT in mind. Examples of those devices include wearable technologies such as wristwatches that track someone’s workout activities.The year 2017 has seen the popularity of IOT soar to higher levels. Some of the most phenomenal gadgets in the 2017 IOT space include:

Appliance Controlling Apps

ACP is one of the most interesting applications of IOT. Let’s say you are in traffic and the cold weather sets in, at the comfort of your car seat; you can turn on your home heater so that it can warm the house for you before you get there. More applications include being able to turn lights on or off and drawing your window curtains remotely.

Wearable Technologies

Gadgets such as fitness wristbands can help one keep track of their health. Smart earbuds that are being designed by Microsoft will be able to play music to someone according to their mood. The ear buds communicate remotely with a server that analyses your heartbeat and suggests appropriate music.

Smart Ice Cubes

Smart ice cubes enable one to keep track of the drinks they’ve had and communicate with a car service or friends just in case the person is too drunk to drive themselves home.Jason Hope is one of the biggest proponents of IOT. According to the entrepreneur, the next big IOT gadget might come from him. He says that everyone needs to keep their eyes opened with this technology that has the potential of advancing all the sectors of the economy.

Eric Pulier Blazes Path for Entrepreneurs to Follow

You can’t really talk about the world of technology and the entrepreneurs within it if you don’t mention Eric Pulier. Pulier is a wunderkind of sorts as he is rapidly becoming our favorite entrepreneur to follow. Pulier has already established himself as one of the top tech investors in the world and his work continues to impress at pretty much every step. Not only is Pulier an entrepreneur but he is also a philanthropist, author, and venture capitalist. We think that burgeoning tech enthusiasts deserve to hear a little more about his incredible career leading into the tech world.


If you can imagine it all starts in a small neighborhood in New Jersey, back in the ’80s. Pulier was born and raised in New Jersey and it was there that it quickly became apparent that he had an affinity for computers and technology that simply would not be matched by anything else in his life. Pulier quickly latched onto technology as he began to program his own computer software while in just 4th grade. From there it was a skip and a step until Pulier was running his own computer database company by the time that he graduated high school. This was an era, we should remind readers, where rampant computer use wasn’t quite the norm — not yet. Computers were still specialty technology so Pulier’s fascination and success with them was remarkable.


From there it wasn’t long until Pulier was living life as a true standout. Pulier went to Harvard where he would graduate Magna Cum Laude while balancing his studies with his work as an editor on the Harvard Crimson which was a school paper. The Crimson covered serious topics, ahead of their time we might add, including terrorism. Pulier established himself as a sharp witted individual who had his eyes always on the horizon.


In the early ’90s we’d see Pulier make the jump to the West Coast and subsequently into the technological world. Pulier quickly established his first company, focused on the medical industry, and his early success allowed him to pursue bigger ventures — leading to his most prized work with XPrize.


Talk Fusion: The People’s Choice

When it comes to people, they are able to tell what is the real deal when it comes to products out there, especially tech products. They know what is really good and what is really bad. They read the reviews, they do their research, and they follow through on their homework. When they read about Talk Fusion, they read a lot of good stories and a lot of happy customers. That is because Bob Reina is well aware of what is happening within his company and he keeps his finger on the pulse of the market. So many people, they are oblivious to what is happening with both the workers and public perception. That has never come up with Bob Reina.


He stays in tune with all of that at all times. That is how a company wins two awards in one year. That is correct. They won two awards in 2016 from the Technology Marketing Corporation, which is known as a media giant. So, they are the people’s choice, and they are also the champion of those that look at products and know a great one when they see one. They see greatness in Talk Fusion and they see that the company is constantly working and they are never settling for anything less than their very best.


They know they owe that to the people that have put their trust in them. People are relying on their video newsletters, video emails, and video conferences to get the job done for them as they are running businesses. If there are any bugs or any issues, they are losing money and that is not going to make them happy. That is why Bob Reina was quick to thank the IT team for all of the work they have done in improving the product and getting it up and running at a great speed and great levels.


This is how they are going to knock it out of the park each and every time and that is how they are going to win awards. More importantly, that is how they are going to win customers as well.

Mike Heiligenstein Talks About Innovations That Will Ease Traffic in Austin

Some time back, Viewpoints editorial ad reported that traffic congestion was bound to get worse in Austin. The American-Statesman argued that everyone in the community had a role to play in solving the traffic crisis in Austin.

In his statement, Mike Heiligenstein expressed his gratitude to the statesman for recognizing the traffic issue and concurred with them that it needed multiple resources to tackle the congestion problem facing Austin. Mike Heiligenstein was quick to note that Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority was focusing on developing an innovative solution to the traffic menace.

Mike Heiligenstein pointed out that Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority would help to build mobility solutions. According to Mike, his company constructed 183A Toll Road in Cedar Park and Leander, which is set to help the communities even as they experience the tremendous growth.

The company also built the U.S 290 toll road between Austin and Manor, which contributed to triple the capacity of the previous road. It also helped to improve the lanes that were already there. Mike notes that his company is not a private corporation, but a local and accountable entity that was established by the people of Williamson and Travis counties.

Mike highlights that the mission of Mobility Authority is to innovate. The company has already built new MoPac Express Lanes that have instituted variable tolling that utilizes sophisticated technology to help in managing traffic flow. Mike notes that whereas they have tried so much to eliminate congestion, there is still more that needs to be done.

Variable tolling rates will help to synchronize supply and demand to ensure a predictable flow of traffic in the area. Mike notes that the authority’s aim is to ensure that traffic flows in all directions. The company aims at baking technology solutions into their future works so as to make them “smart roads’.

Fiber lines are already embedded in the 183 South projects that the company built between US 290 and the airport. The company has partnered with Metropia to create a mobile traffic app that is integrated with their traffic monitoring system to provide real-time information on routes for commuters.

About Mike Heiligenstein

Heiligenstein serves as the Executive Director of the Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority. The authority is a multimodal transportation agency whose primary focus is to create innovative ways to ease mobility on the roads.

Mike has served in the Mobile Authority since 2003 and was tasked with overseeing its growth from a start agency to popular leader in toll road operations.