Brian Bonar Wins Executive Of The Year

As recognition of the work he has done in the financial services and the wider business world Brian Bonar was selected Businessman of the Year by Cambridge Publishing. Bonar has been a pillar in the business community for almost 30 years. Bonar earned his MBA and Ph.D in International Business from Stafford University in the U.K. and traveled all over Europe, Asia and the Americas for IBM for 16 years.

He then went on to develop a diverse skill set the includes financial services, sales, printing technology, Information Technology, outsourcing, temporary employment services, engineering and management strategy. He’s the type people want to do business with because everyone will prosper.

According to MG2, Brian Bonar is ambitious, hardworking, smart and creative. Those skills have served him well throughout his career. His tenure with IBM taught him a lot about printing, copying, and business machines. Plus it enabled him to make business contacts all over the world.

He has used his travel and business contacts to identify needs and create a series of companies to meet them. Some of those companies include Dalrada Financial Corporation, Smart-Tek Automated Services and Allegiant Professional Business Service. Bonar is known for delivering high-quality goods and services at a great price.

Brian Bonar has been involved in many facets of financial services for going on 3 decades. He has been companies which provide risk management insurance, employee benefits, financial management and business efficiency. He’s also helped companies to find financing, kept businesses productive by providing them with workers and market products to a worldwide audience. Bonar even created an innovative printer and marketed it internationally. He has done business in a wide array of currency and he has helped many businesses to prosper.

One of Brian Bonar’s greatest strengths is his ability to connect business to one another at the perfect time. This has enabled him to build a vibrant network and provide opportunities for people, businesses and communities. Whether they need procurement or promotional services or management and financial services, Brian Bonar is the person many businesses contact.

They know that through his network of business connections and his own companies Bonar is willing and able to provide support. He is also able to introduce companies to new producers and markets. Learn more about Brian Bonar:

Some people dream of doing great things but never do because they fail to take action. Brian Bonar is just the opposite. He has worked hard to get the education and experience necessary to do well in business.

He has taken the time to develop a network of trustworthy businesses. And for the past 20 years he has indeed been a businesses executive whose work is worthy of praise. That’s why he is Executive of the Year.

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