Jim Larkin

Jim Larkin is the legendary trade unionist and activist, who coined the famous quote “ a fair days work for a fair days pay”. He was born in Liverpool, England in 1876 and did not get much in the way of formal academic education. While growing up in Liverpool he worked on small jobs to help his family.

After getting a job at the docks he eventually worked his way up and became a foreman. It was while working there he joined the dock workers union, NUDL. After a few years in the union, he eventually became a full-time union official and stayed busy organizing union-related activities. Read more: James Larkin | Biography and Jim Larkin | Wikipedia

However, as time went by the higher-ups at NUDL became worried about his methods of organizing disputes and eventually transferred him to Dublin. This was in 1907 and as soon as he arrived in Dublin, be began putting together a trade union called the Irish Transport and General Workers Union or ITGWU.

He outlined several goals with this union and the main ones were, all workers, skilled and unskilled would be represented, eight hour working days, and pension for retired workers over the age of 60. A staunch socialist, Jim Larkin was a big advocate for nationalizing public transport and irrigation systems.

One of his greatest achievements and what also made him an internationally renowned household name was the formation of Irish Labor party and the Dublin Lockout of 1913. This was a strike largely supported by the unskilled laborers of Ireland, nearly a 100,000 of them since they did not have any rights to speak of.

Talks between union leaders and employers happened and failed several times. Finally, after seven months of this scenario passed, the Labour Party won. This was a historic accomplishment which cemented Jim Larkins name in the history books.

Not satisfied with just staying in Ireland, he boarded a ship for the United States. While there, he went on a lecture tour and also to raise money to fight the British. While in the US he joined the Socialist Party of America.

In total he wound up staying in the US for nearly eight years, the last two was spent in prison after he was charged with anarchy and promoting communism. However, he was later pardoned and deported by none other than the legendary director of the FBI, Edgar Hoover, and soon found himself back in Ireland.

Jim continued his work for labor-related causes all the way to his end, which came on January 30th, 1947.


Immigration in the United States is undergoing changes, especially under the reign of the current president Donald Trump, who has not withheld his wrath against immigrants in the U.S. The president seeks to reduce the number of immigrants moving into the U.S. and has stated that national security is one of the major influencers of his bid.

Several organizations have been established to protect the right of immigrants in the U.S. One such organization is the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA). This organization was founded by the Obama administration and seeks to allow certain illegal immigrants who entered the United States as immigrants to receive a renewable two-year period of deferred action against deportation and eligibility for a work permit.

The creation of the program was fueled by the increasing number of illegal student graduates in the country. Each of these children has been raised in the U.S. and deporting them from a country they identify with could be inconsiderate. Beneficiaries of the program, popularly known as “dreamers” have continued to enjoy living and working in the U.S. until now. Read more: Phoenix New Times | Wikipedia and Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund

The Trump administration seeks to end DACA and closed down the application for legal status. Donald Trump defended his move stating that it was in the best interest of the nation. According to Trump, immigrants are taking away jobs from American citizens and also require more scrutiny before moving into the U.S. legally. Attorney General Jeff Sessions has not concealed his undying support for Trump, also citing that president Obama had no power to create to issue the executive order that created DACA.

Congress has a window to save DACA by implementing new laws to legalize the organization. According to Trump, President Obama did not have the powers to create DACA, and hence an illegal operation is only creating more illegalities in the U.S. The move has set off protests across the country including some outside The Trump Tower and the White House. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey: https://twitter.com/JimLarkin_ and http://www.laceyandlarkinfronterafund.org/about-lacey-larkin-frontera-fund/jim-larkin/

Over 800,000 immigrants have benefited from DACA. Officials have announced that those receiving protection under the Obama-era can renew their two-year stay until the 5th of October. Unfortunately, if congress does not rule in favor of DACA, thousands of immigrants will face deportation in 2018 to countries they do not know. Despite angry protests and harsh criticism, Donald Trump maintains that compassion cannot stand in the way of the law.

The Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund seeks to support organizations, such as DACA, that advocate for civil, human and migrant rights. It is our fund’s honor to support groups that provide a voice for the minority in the country, for a better society and laws that treat everyone with compassion.

The founders Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin faced illegal arrests after exposing financial irregularities and mismanagement of the Sherriff’s office by Arpaio. After a national outcry, Lacey and Larkin were released, and the ensuing legal battle earned the foundation enough finances to support civil right groups, especially those defending the Hispanic Community.

It is the hope of the Lacey and Larkin Foundation, that the rights of immigrants shall be defended and decisions made shall help create better lives. For a comprehensive list of the groups we support and what we believe in, kindly visit our website.

George Soros Knows How To Make An Impact

George Soros has been a powerful influence within the political arena for many years. The billionaire businessman has not been shy about putting his money behind the person he wishes to see in office. Being involved with the presidential election has inspired Soros to contribute millions of dollars to the candidate of his choice. He has spared no expense in making a direct impact on the nation’s highest executive position. George Soros is a known supporter of the Democratic Party. His bottomless bank account has been a powerful tool for his party’s well being.

George Soros scaled back his financial contributions for a time. He spent an estimated 27 million dollars in an effort to defeat George W bush in 2004. George Soros prides himself on being a behind-the-scenes nightmare for his Republican counterparts. He re-entered the political scene to lend his support to presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. George made his resources completely available and prepared to use whatever methods necessary to secure the election for the Democratic candidate.

The Barack Obama presidency was a bit befuddling to the powerful billionaire businessman. Soros initially supported Obama. However, his favor for the president would turn as the years past. Barack Obama did not make the effort to secure a meaningful relationship with Soros. During this time George would form a much stronger bond with Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. Their connection grew stronger towards the end of Obama’s second term. Message traffic between Soros’s office and the office of the Secretary of State show the billionaire explaining his position in relation to the upcoming election.

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Here’s How George Soros’s Latest Predictions Have Played Out

The 2016 election threatened much of what George Soros had stood for has a political activist. The Republican Party presented a strong cast of candidates with Donald Trump eventually becoming the front-runner. This motivated Soros. His contributions to the Democratic campaign would surpass the efforts made in 2004. This lifted the morale of the Hillary Clinton team and ignited a movement that created one of the most competitive presidential debates and American history.

Soros did not rely on his contributions alone to make the impact he desired in the 2016 presidential election. He enlisted the services of other powerful business organizations to match his efforts in order to develop a juggernaut of financial support for the Democratic candidate. The supporters included Tom Steyer, Don Sussman, Haim Saban and Fred Eychaner. As a team these campaign donors were able to generate a pool of money that dwarfed the reserves of Donald Trump.

George Soros received intense criticism for his insatiable political spending. Many accused him of the trying to buy a president for his own personal gain. The scrutiny grew heavy after the tremendous spending to oust George W bush failed in 2004. George pull away from politics as a result of this and focused on philanthropy. He donated millions of dollars to causes supporting human rights. The Democratic process in Eastern Europe is of great interest to George Soros. He has also worked to advance the quality of healthcare and education within the United States.

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Why Thor Halvorssen Is An Inspiration

Political issues are often thought as divisive. If an individual is too conservative, some universities will not allow them to speak on their campus out of fear of any opposing ideas seeping in. Similarly, some conservatives do not want to hear anything that liberals have to say. Listening to your opponents is something that many people struggle against. However, men such as Thor Halvorssen are not burdened by this. He labors to assess all of the political issues based on their own merit rather than by blindly accepting anything that one party tells him to accept. As this article pointed out, liberals will often think that Halvorssen is a conservative, while conservatives will often think that he is a liberal.
More Than A Policy

For many Americans, politics are nothing more than an abstraction. They are something that we think about and discuss over the dinner table. It is almost theoretical. The people that it impacts are ideas or elements of the conversation, but they are not regarded as real in any sense. For Halvorssen, they are very real. He has direct experience with tyranny and he has spent his life and career laboring against it. He has traversed the most dangerous nations to get an interview and has come back holding his proverbial teeth after a literal beating.

About Halvorssen:

According to this article from Buzzfeed, “Is This the Face of a New Global Human Rights Movement?” Halvorssen is an opponent of socialism. He has been an outspoken critic of the governmental system throughout his entire career, an especially during the 2016 Presidential Election. Since socialism has been of some eminence during the election, he has gotten a bit of attention. Many Americans do not know the history of socialism or the devastating effects that it has had.

He has been trying to educate the people about what it is and how it could have a legitimate negative impact on the nation. He argued that we will see grocery stores close down, taxes drastically increase and jobs will leave the United States. Halvorssen believes that for the sake of human rights, we cannot be guilty of condemning the United States to socialism.

Follow Thor on Twitter @thorhalvorssen to learn more.