The Contributions Soros is Making Towards the Achievement of Social Justice

George Soros is a business mogul, investor, philanthropist, and author who has shaped the cause of politics throughout the Country and Europe. He is one of the most successful social and political activism financiers the world over. Soros is of American-Hungarian descent and is in the top 30 richest people in the world.Soros has a bachelor’s degree in economics and masters in philosophy. He began his first hedge fund, Double Eagle at the age of 39 years. They later changed name Double Eagle to the Quantum fund, and as at 2011, the assets under its management totaled to 25 billion dollars, which is the bulk of his net worth.Soros has a heart of giving and improving an imperfect world; he has donated more than 12 Million dollars, through the open society foundations and others he has founded.He has extended support to various philanthropic causes within a span of more than three decades.

Soros is famously known for the quote, “What is imperfect can be improved.” He began his philanthropy by supporting the issuing of scholarships for black students at the University of Cape Town South Africa and for dissidents of Eastern European origin to study abroad. Through his foundations, he has defended human rights, expanded access to education and health care across the United States and elsewhere, and has shaped the democratic process in Eastern Europe.Soros is an avid supporter of American progression and American liberals. He has supported presidential candidates like John Kerry, President Obama and recently, Hillary Clinton. After John Kerry’s failure to oust President George Bush, George retreated from large spending on politicians. George has known Hillary since her days as the first lady, and they have had a long standing friendly relationship spanning over 25 years.He has always loved her politics even though he supported President Barrack Obama against her in the 2008 democratic candidate nominees.

In 2016, he emerged as a leading supporter of the Democratic Party politics, donating more than 25 million dollars to boost Hillary and other Democratic candidates. He was to attend the Democratic Convention and show his endorsement and support to Hillary. However, he changed this plan because of the Brexit Vote, and the economic ripples it created. He was forced to stay away from politics and monitor European Markets closely.George Soros gave $33 million to the Ferguson protests. These protests were because of a white police officer, Darren Wilson, who shot Michael Brown. The court later determined the case as an act of self-defense by the officer. The world watched with keen interest a man like George Soros and anticipated his next move. Whether in politics or the financial environment, he is known to cause ripples that will be felt immediately and over time and impact the world dynamically.

Hippeas CEO Livio Bisterzo: Changing The Snacking Industry

There are many different ways that people are able to snack and are able to get out of the snacking industry. Livio Bisterzo knows this and he also knows that the snacking industry needs some type of disruptor who will make it a better market.

Because Livio Bisterzo is changing things with the opportunities that he has, he wants to show people what they are missing out on and what they can get out of the different options that they have. He also knows that healthy snacking is a priority for most demographic groups so that people will be able to enjoy the options that they have. Since Livio Bisterzo is working on making sure that he can do different things with the snacking industry, he has developed Hippeas so that he will be able to get more out of the options that he has. He also does what he can to show people that they don’t have to sacrifice anything to be able to snack healthy.

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Since Hippeas first started, Livio Bisterzo has seen major success with the company. Since it is a market disruptor, he had to do a lot to make sure that he was going to be successful and he nailed everything that he needed to do to make sure that it would continue to be successful. Despite the fact that not many people heard of Hippeas at the beginning of the campaign, most people have heard of it now and most people know that they can get the perfect combination of health food and snacking from Hippeas.

Green Park Holdings is the core of Hippeas. It is the company that Livio Bisterzo is the CEO of and it is dedicated to making snacks better for people to try new things. Since Livio Bisterzo first became the CEO of the company, he has come up with many new ideas to make sure that people have the exact snacks that they need to be able to live a healthy life and make sure that things are going to work out no matter what they are doing in their own area.

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The Next Big IOT Gadget Might Be From Jason Hope

The Internet of Things is touted as a technological advancement that is going to change how we run our daily lives. Imagine all your devices from the bulb switch to your sandwich toaster being networked in a way that they can communicate with each other, wouldn’t life get even more exciting.One of the champions of IOT, Jason Hope believes that this technology is the future that will revolutionize how we conduct our daily lives. Tech companies that are keen on tapping into this technology are aligning their products and business model the IOT. Consumers are already utilizing gadgets that are made with IOT in mind. Examples of those devices include wearable technologies such as wristwatches that track someone’s workout activities.The year 2017 has seen the popularity of IOT soar to higher levels. Some of the most phenomenal gadgets in the 2017 IOT space include:

Appliance Controlling Apps

ACP is one of the most interesting applications of IOT. Let’s say you are in traffic and the cold weather sets in, at the comfort of your car seat; you can turn on your home heater so that it can warm the house for you before you get there. More applications include being able to turn lights on or off and drawing your window curtains remotely.

Wearable Technologies

Gadgets such as fitness wristbands can help one keep track of their health. Smart earbuds that are being designed by Microsoft will be able to play music to someone according to their mood. The ear buds communicate remotely with a server that analyses your heartbeat and suggests appropriate music.

Smart Ice Cubes

Smart ice cubes enable one to keep track of the drinks they’ve had and communicate with a car service or friends just in case the person is too drunk to drive themselves home.Jason Hope is one of the biggest proponents of IOT. According to the entrepreneur, the next big IOT gadget might come from him. He says that everyone needs to keep their eyes opened with this technology that has the potential of advancing all the sectors of the economy.

Troy McQuagge – Still Strong in the Highly Competitive Insurance Health for Three Decades and Counting

Troy McQuagge, the chief executive officer of USHEALTH Group, was named the Gold winner in the CEO of the year category in the One Planet Awards. A global premier awards program, the prestigious One Planet Awards honors business and professional excellence in all the industries across the world. Firms located in any part of the world have the liberty to submit their nominations, regardless of type and size.While responding to the Gold win, Troy McQuagge said that he felt honored to have been named by the coveted One Planet Awards as one of the recipients of the esteemed industry as well as peer recognition. However, he quickly added that the award belongs to everyone who makes up the USHEALTH Group, Inc. Troy viewed it as a testament to the USHEALTH Group’s commitment to making healthcare as affordable as possible through the provision of innovative coverage capable of growing the ever-changing healthcare needs.

Based in Ft. Worth, Texas, USHEALTH Group is an insurance holding firm. The company focuses on the delivery of innovative health coverage for small business owners and other self-employed people. The goal of the health insurance firm is to combine the expertise and experience of its workers and independent agents to market both competitive and profitable insurance products, and at the same time, ensuring the delivery of unbeatable customer service in all of its endeavors. On the other hand, One Planet Awards exists to recognize companies that strive to achieve professional and business excellence. Currently, the Honors are granted in categories such as teams, executives, public relations, marketing, new products and services, and corporate communications.

Troy McQuagge has an unmatchable passion for the highly competitive insurance industry, as well as for the development of products/services that improve the quality of life of the users. He has been in this industry for more than 30 years explaining why he exhibits extremely sharp business acumen and strong leadership skills.Between 1996 and 2008, Troy served as the president of Agency Marketing Group that operates within the health market. It is where he picked the majority of the vast array of business skills that he has today ranging from marketing, public relations, and recruiting and so on. His recent Gold win with the One Planet Award is not the only award he has been conferred. In 2007, Troy was honored by the Stevie Awards as the finalist for Hiring and Recruiting Program of the Year. In 2016, Troy McQuagge was also named as the Most Innovative CEO of the Year courtesy of the CEO World Awards. His ability to spearhead the discovery of innovative methods for marketing, his exceptional leadership skills, and being a team player are among the many things that have earned him success after success.The news surrounding Troy McQuagge win as the One Planet Awards’ CEO of the Year was published at .

Felipe Montoro Jens: Propelling Business Into A Favorable Direction

Felipe Montoro Jens is a man who knows how to run a company successfully. Currently, Felipe Montoro Jens if on the board of directors for one of Brazil’s top engineering and construction companies, Odebrecht. Odebrecht is a company that stands out in not just one, but a diverse range of fields. Right from energy to construction the company pretty much stands out in whatever area they divulge into. Odebrecht believes in the optimal use of Brazil’s resources to benefit the society and the people that live in it. Through the use of some of the most advanced technologies in engineering on, Odebrecht has managed to stand apart from its competitors and show the sector that they are a prominent company in the field to look out for. Since the company deals with numerous different areas, the company is divided based on the line of work they partake in. Felipe Montoro Jens works under Odebrecht S.A which is the main engineering section of the company.

Working as a member of the board of directors for Odebrecht S.A, Felipe Montoro Jens has made quite an impact on the company’s operations as well as the numerous projects they undertake. A man who has tremendous experience in the field, Felipe has been able to lead Odebrecht S.A in a direction that is favorable for their growth and development mentioned on Felipe had a considerable amount of expertise in the field of engineering and coupled with his innate ability to lead the company efficiently; he has been able to transform Odebrecht S.A into the industry leader it has become today.

Felipe Montoro Jens has garnered an immense amount of experience in the field over the years, due to which he can provide the right leadership and direction to the company. Felipe possesses a degree in International Management and Business Administration which has contributed to the knowledge of the field he has today.


Keith Mann Gives Back To The New York Community

The CEO of Dynamics Search Partners, Keith Mann, has been a major part of the Wall Street community for many years after he became an expert in source the best candidates for various parts of the financial industry. Keith Mann has been at the heart of Wall Street and the global financial industry throughout the majority of his life, but he has also looked to make sure his own success is reflected in the New York community as a whole. In his work with Dynamics Search Partners, Keith Mann has found success recruiting executives for the hedge fund and alternative investments industry in the U.S., Asia, and Europe.


Throughout each year Keith Mann and his wife Keely can be found looking for the best ways of giving back to the community as they enjoy the success provided by Keith’s development of the Dynamics Search Partners brand. In 2015, the couple looked to try and change the perception of the New York Police Department at a time of tension within the city by providing breakfast for members of the 54th Precinct; members of the Mann family are involved in law enforcement and Keith hoped his gesture would help show the vast majority of police officers are dedicated professionals.


Alongside the support Keith and Keely Mann have provided for the New York Police Department the couple has also looked to ensure the future of many young people is secure with their links to the Uncommon schools program. Keith headed a fundraising effort on Wall Street for the network of more than 40 charter schools across New York that raised over $22,000 in a single night to make sure students had a better chance of receiving a high quality education; Keith Mann’s Dynamics Search Partners has also been responsible for providing over $10,000 in finding to make sure all testing is completed for students attending this school network.