White Shark Media Celebrating and Promising Success as Displayed by Customer Feedback

Although the world of online marketing is becoming more competitive with each day, White Shark Media has managed to claim a top spot. The company has been portrayed as a market leader and justifiably so. They have earned several awards and contracts with major corporations, courtesy of its reliability and promising corporate profile.

In 2014, following the effort and dedication displayed by the marketing agency, Google awarded them the Premier SMB Partnership, an award very few marketing agencies can qualify for due to the stringent requirements placed to it. This signals success and shows how dedicated the White Shark Media has been in offering services that are aimed at driving success to their customers.

Customer feedback on services and reliability
As seen on the testimonials page of White Shark Media, thousands of small businesses have had their fair share of success upon contact with this company. There are reviews from businesses in different industries, some praising the effectiveness of the services offered, while others are happy with the kind of support they received after choosing White Shark Media.

One of the features that have allowed customers to manage their campaigns better is the tracking tool that offers conversion tracking, Google Analytics and call tracking. With this feature, it has become easier to gauge the effectiveness of a campaign and to make deductions regarding the right course of action for profitability.

Through the White Shark Media blog, new customers who have not interacted with the industry for a long time can learn about emerging trends and get useful tips.

Certifications and accreditation
Apart from proving their reliability through customer feedback, White Shark Media has also received various certifications. In 2014, Google recognized White Shark Media Review team among top marketing agencies and accredited the company with the Premier Google AdWords SMB Partner (Google AdWords SMB Partner is a program that was created to support middle- and small-sized businesses that do not have resources and time to handle their marketing campaigns).

White Shark Media is also an authorized Bing Ads Reseller, which allows them to offer customers PPC marketing assistance and services. All these certifications have been earned due to the company’s dedication and effort in ensuring customer satisfaction. Representing Bing has directed many customers to choose White Shark Media due to the trustworthiness the company has showed. This, again, is highlighted in the testimonials section of the company.

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Wikipedia is the Best Brand Promoter


Among all the different ways to profit and to bring in more customers as well as revenue, Wikipedia has become a great tool for businesses and individuals who are a part of the public eye to utilize to promote positive information. When you make a Wiki page not only offers a way to present up to date information to the public, but it is also guaranteed to show up within the first five search results in databases such as Google. Wikipedia is not only an inexpensive way to gain momentum in reputation as well as in self branding, but it is also easy to gain name recognition. Thanks to the agreement with Google, Wikipedia always gains first access to SEO when internet users use Google.

Wikipedia is specifically an open source website that is considered to be a collaborative website for individuals to update a Wikipedia page with accurate information. Though professional writers are not required to update the information on Wikipedia, it can become almost necessary to utilize individuals with marketing skills to promote any brand name through the use of Wikipedia. Another benefit of using Wikipedia is the fact that though this site may not be deemed credible for academic purposes, Wikipedia’s code of conduct makes sure that individuals only post accurate information about a destination, individual, or company brand so all Wikipedia edits and revisions will be moderated for accuracy. If you are serious about making a Wikipedia page and want to skip the work and the learning process, just hire a Wiki expert from a trusted company. A Wikipedia writing service takes out all the guessing involved in

In recent news, Wikipedia has been specifically used to promote one individual who has promoted much pride in Ireland. Fans of the Irish team in the 2016 Euro event have been gaining momentum thanks to Ireland’s most recent game against Italy. Thanks to player, Robert Brady, Ireland secured a spot in the final 16 spot. The game between Ireland and Italy was close and was only decided after Robert Brady scored the winning goal five minutes before the game would have ended. With this win under his belt, Robbie Brady is currently one of the most popular men in Ireland. 

Fans of Robbie Brady demonstrated their enthusiasm for his triumph when they went on his Wikipedia page and edited his name to become Robert ‘The Messiah’ Brady. Over the course of the night after Ireland’s win, this page had hundreds of visitors as well as Wikipedia editors to his page who showed off their admiration for Robbie Brady. Though his page has been edited back to normal, this is just an example of how individuals from around the world can edit a Wikipedia page with accurate information.

Don’t Like Your Search Results? Check Out OnlineReputationReviews.com

Have you ever googled yourself or your companies name? Were you happy with the search results, or were there bad reviews of you and your company? Online reputation management is controlling how others see you or your company. Controlling your image on the Internet can be a vital part of your business endeavors and practices. When there is a bad review about you or your company it is important to weaken or eliminate these reviews in order to stay keeps a good reputation.

The importance of having a good reputation should be very obvious by now. When conducting business, seeking a job, or even conducting a legitimate business. If a customer sees pictures online of someone partying or participating in illegal or sketchy activities it can scar the person or business at hand. We live in an age where there are cameras and security everywhere. There should always be someone to keep the business accountable because of these facts alone. Remember everyone is always being watched. Always keep any business associates accountable, because you never know who is watching.

People have lost jobs, marriages, grants for college, and even their reputations due to having a bad review online. Having a disgruntled ex-employee or even a pissed off customer leaving a bad review can lead to a lack of trust and ruin the reputation a business has with its customers. Showing up on a Google search can be a vital part in any businesses success. We live in an Information Age and with most people having the Internet at their fingertips by phone tablet or laptop it is a vital thing to show up when prompted on Google.

Why is it so hard to clean up my businesses name? As companies like Five Blocks (review here) will tell you, sometimes it may be necessary to make more positive reviews in order to overwhelm all of the negative remarks online this will help to discredit anything negative. Hiring someone experienced in online reputation management may help when creating more positive aspects for the business purposes. Having professionals that specialize in creating quality content can be what it takes to redeem your company’s name.

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White Shark Media Review – 3 Reasons You Will Love Working With This Company

White Shark Media is a digital marketing agency that has been assisting small to medium sized businesses improve their online presence for the last 5 years. If you are wondering if you should work with White Shark Media, here are 3 reasons you absolutely should.

Reason #1 – They Have A Proven Track Record

Over the last 4 years White Shark Media has helped thousands of small to medium sized businesses drive traffic to their websites via the power of online marketing strategies such as pay per click campaigns and search engine marketing.

They have a history of providing awesome results and there is no reason they can’t do the same for your business. Check out their testimonials page to read real testimonies from real clients.

Reason #2 – They Are Honest and Know How To Embrace Feedback

White Shark Media believes in being 100% honest with all of their clients. If they were unable to deliver the results you were seeking, they will immediately let you know. They never try to hide anything from the client nor do they set unrealistic expectations.

They believe in being proactive instead of reactive. This is one of the many reasons they are still in business – https://experts.shopify.com/white-shark-media-inc.

Reason #3 – They Provide Excellent Customer Service

According to PudNutz, White Shark Media is one of the best when it comes to Adwords management. However, its not their knowledge and ability to get results that will impress you. Its the way they treat their clients.

When the company was first founded, it was founded upon the idea of delivering an outstanding product with the type of customer service that is very rare in this industry. This has turned out to be a winning formula and it is one of the many reasons the company is now looked at as one of the best digital marketing agencies in the industry.

Get Your Free Adwords Evaluation Today!

In their Youtue video, it says if you would like to discover how you can increase your Adwords performance, contact White Shark Media today and schedule a free Adwords evaluation. During the live evaluation a digital media advisor will discuss with you a strategy that will help you meet your business goals. To learn more call (305) 728-4828 or visit www.WhiteSharkMedia.com.