Podcast advertising has been documented to have a positive impact on consumers’ intent to buy a product and brand recall. When compared with traditional advertising methods then podcast advertising wins.

Podcast advertising has a positive impact on important advertising effectiveness measures. This was according to the results of a study conducted on a pre and post podcast campaign-brand lift for different podcast advertisers.

According to the results announced on February ninth this year, sixty percent of the consumers were able to recall a given grocery brand after the campaign compared to eight per cent of listeners who could remember the brand before the campaign.

Product awareness among consumers also increased from pre-study to post research by thirty-seven percent for automobile products, by twenty-four percent for garden and lawn products and by forty-seven percent for financial products.

The results also showed that after the campaign, the favorability of products among consumers increased while their intention to buy such products also increased.

The awareness of products campaign messages also increased by sixty percent for an automotive aftermarket service and by seventy-six percent for restaurants. The research was done for four to six weeks by Edison Research for podcast One a firm that offers podcast marketing and sales services.

The study sought to investigate if podcast advertising was effective in increasing brand awareness for five national products. The brand used were both well-known brands and lesser known brands. Online surveys were used to select audiences for leading podcasts before and after the campaign was run.

The results showed that podcast was an effective way of advertising as the public became more receptive to the featured brands. The audience also became more willing to buy these products after the campaign. These results were verified and emphasized by Norman Pattiz the executive chairman and founder of Podcast One who encouraged advertisers to use the podcast as the new way of advertising.

About Norman Pattiz

Norman Pattiz is an American broadcasting entrepreneur. He is the executive chairman of Podcast One which he founded in twenty thirteen. He also founded Westwood Inc. in nineteen seventy-four. Norman founded Courtside Entertainment Group in twenty ten.

Under his leadership, Westwood Inc became the largest American network in broadcasting. Under his leadership, Podcast One has become a leader in providing audio on demand programming. Today Podcast One is well known for podcast advertising of popular brands.

Pattiz has served at the United States Broadcasting board of governors after being appointed by President Clinton in the year two thousand and reappointed by President Bush in two thousand and two.

In the year two thousand and nine, Pattiz was awarded the Giants Broadcasting Award by the famous Broadcasting Library of American and inducted into the Nation Hall of Fame.