The Economic and Academic Oasis That is Orange Coast College

Transitioning to college can be a daunting task due to the higher academic expectations and financial costs associated with it. This is especially true in a state like California which tends to have higher academic standards than other states. Some students in the state may fall through proverbial cracks if not for good community colleges in the area. Orange Coast College is one of these colleges.

Orange Coast College is an economic and academic boon to the local community of Southern California. Learn more:


Orange Coast College recently opened a recycling center on its premises that allows for different types of materials – from various consumer goods- to be submitted to the community center. The community center can then recycle the parts instead of letting them go to waste. Community members can submit anything from aluminum cans to cooking oil. The presence of the recycling center creates jobs for students and produces clean energy via solar panels that can be used to light the facility as well. This saves money for the college and may also allow for a future source of revenue if the solar panels can be connected to the county’s power grid.


Orange Coast College also offers great opportunities for non-traditional students and potential college graduates alike. It offers many different classes and the ability for students to eventually transfer to a number of local and national colleges to gain their undergraduate degrees. The college offers classes during 3 portions of the year in order to accommodate any type of schedule. So if a student needs to take a class in fall, spring or even summer, he or she can do this. And with an enrollment of over 24,000 students, one will always have an opportunity to socialize in addition to pursuing academic achievements.


Thanks to a combination of good vision and grants, Orange Coast College has been able to open a new recycling center that provides economic opportunity to students on campus and the local community. Through its programs and resources, Orange Coast College serves to help students transition into college and eventually gain their full undergraduate degrees. Learn more: