Why Thor Halvorssen Is An Inspiration

Political issues are often thought as divisive. If an individual is too conservative, some universities will not allow them to speak on their campus out of fear of any opposing ideas seeping in. Similarly, some conservatives do not want to hear anything that liberals have to say. Listening to your opponents is something that many people struggle against. However, men such as Thor Halvorssen are not burdened by this. He labors to assess all of the political issues based on their own merit rather than by blindly accepting anything that one party tells him to accept. As this article pointed out, liberals will often think that Halvorssen is a conservative, while conservatives will often think that he is a liberal.
More Than A Policy

For many Americans, politics are nothing more than an abstraction. They are something that we think about and discuss over the dinner table. It is almost theoretical. The people that it impacts are ideas or elements of the conversation, but they are not regarded as real in any sense. For Halvorssen, they are very real. He has direct experience with tyranny and he has spent his life and career laboring against it. He has traversed the most dangerous nations to get an interview and has come back holding his proverbial teeth after a literal beating.

About Halvorssen:

According to this article from Buzzfeed, “Is This the Face of a New Global Human Rights Movement?” Halvorssen is an opponent of socialism. He has been an outspoken critic of the governmental system throughout his entire career, an especially during the 2016 Presidential Election. Since socialism has been of some eminence during the election, he has gotten a bit of attention. Many Americans do not know the history of socialism or the devastating effects that it has had.

He has been trying to educate the people about what it is and how it could have a legitimate negative impact on the nation. He argued that we will see grocery stores close down, taxes drastically increase and jobs will leave the United States. Halvorssen believes that for the sake of human rights, we cannot be guilty of condemning the United States to socialism.

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