The Next Big IOT Gadget Might Be From Jason Hope

The Internet of Things is touted as a technological advancement that is going to change how we run our daily lives. Imagine all your devices from the bulb switch to your sandwich toaster being networked in a way that they can communicate with each other, wouldn’t life get even more exciting.One of the champions of IOT, Jason Hope believes that this technology is the future that will revolutionize how we conduct our daily lives. Tech companies that are keen on tapping into this technology are aligning their products and business model the IOT. Consumers are already utilizing gadgets that are made with IOT in mind. Examples of those devices include wearable technologies such as wristwatches that track someone’s workout activities.The year 2017 has seen the popularity of IOT soar to higher levels. Some of the most phenomenal gadgets in the 2017 IOT space include:

Appliance Controlling Apps

ACP is one of the most interesting applications of IOT. Let’s say you are in traffic and the cold weather sets in, at the comfort of your car seat; you can turn on your home heater so that it can warm the house for you before you get there. More applications include being able to turn lights on or off and drawing your window curtains remotely.

Wearable Technologies

Gadgets such as fitness wristbands can help one keep track of their health. Smart earbuds that are being designed by Microsoft will be able to play music to someone according to their mood. The ear buds communicate remotely with a server that analyses your heartbeat and suggests appropriate music.

Smart Ice Cubes

Smart ice cubes enable one to keep track of the drinks they’ve had and communicate with a car service or friends just in case the person is too drunk to drive themselves home.Jason Hope is one of the biggest proponents of IOT. According to the entrepreneur, the next big IOT gadget might come from him. He says that everyone needs to keep their eyes opened with this technology that has the potential of advancing all the sectors of the economy.

Tech Fashion Trends For The Future

The fashion industry is a fascinating entity in the universe. When we look at its adoption, no one can imagine its use in the 90s. As a matter of fact, we might consider looking a technology and its relationship with the fashion industry. This is, again, one of the most interdependent entities in the universe. Technology has always worked to meet the end needs of every entity in the world. However, fashion always complements its intention in the market in a manner which depicts the true reality of things. These two industries are always related. They also belong together.


The technology and fashion industries have seen many changes for a long time. Because they keep growing together like sisters, this is one of the most capable facts. We have seen many instances where technology and fashion depict growth in a manner which reflects true capability in the industry. Because they have seen many changes together, it also means that they have grown together in the recent past during their development. Over time become fashionable, technology grows to become fashionable. For this reason, we might have noticed that technology is one of the entities that see to it that fashion is paramount. We might consider looking at the factors that contribute to their growth together. When we look at the past events associated with the two industries, we might have a chance to locate their origin or birth. We can also shed light on this insight with Chris Burch.


During the 70s, the introduction of the boom box was one of the latest models of technology. During those ancient times, the technology presented to the world by the boom box was adopted on a massive scale. In fact, it was adopted in a manner that reflects fashion in style. This device allowed the user to walk with their preferable stations and tunes to whatever destination that suits them. While you used one side to play music, you might consider using the remaining side to record using the cassette. This is also a feature that has been adopted on a massive scale. Its use was also seen through the 80s where it was fixed with the addition of movie storyline.


The introduction of the Walkman technology during the 90s revolutionized the world of technology. Because it was also adopted on a massive scale, it was considered as fashion to many people. The iPod is also another entity in this industry.