IAP Worldwide Services’ Staffing Practices

IAP Worldwide Services takes pride in integrating exceptional expertise and knowledge to form a cohesive team that is far greater than individual contribution. IAP’s employees commit to the unmatched mission, placing it among the best employers across the world. Besides, the Human Resource department is consistently hiring passionate individuals and those determined to make a difference in the world. In other words, IAP Worldwide Services comprises of personnel ready to engage any logistical and technical problem. Each of IAP’s employee contributes exceptional knowledge and skills to form a powerful workforce.

Since its inception, IAP promotes equality, cooperation, and continuous recognition of individual efforts. At IAP, the Human Resource Management seeks to hire the experienced, dedicated professionals in Engineering, Aviation, Program Management, and Logistics. Furthermore, IAP empowers its personnel with the knowledge and resources inevitable for enhancing safety and efficiency at workplace. IAP believes in empowering its employees as this serves as a driving force behind its success.

IAP Worldwide Services is concerned about its employee’s contribution towards the corporate mission. As such, IAP ensures they provide global-level of customer satisfaction on Hoovers. Over the years, IAP’s Human Resource professionals develop and implement programs that add value to the company and its employees. The professionals do everything within their capacity to ensure that IAP rewards and satisfy every employee. In all interactions with customers and staff, IAP’s Human Resource professionals live out the company’s values that include respect, integrity, and responsibility.

IAP Worldwide Services

IAP is a market leader in providing world-class logistical and technical services using proven technology and expertise. Currently, IAP has over 2,000 employees distributed across 25 countries to solve diverse, complex customer challenges on Payscale.com. IAP engages the unforeseen ranging from mission support to natural calamities, even in hostile circumstances. IAP makes what seems impossible possible. When alerted, IAP’s personnel capitalizes their experience in handling various logistical and technical challenges to meet specific customers’ needs. For over six decades, IAP provides the workforce, technology, and expertise inevitable for workforce flexibility on PRNewswire. IAP’s field specialists have extensive experience in installing military bases and setting up remote research laboratories.

Today, IAP Worldwide Services is known as a global-level service provider committed to meeting its customers’ needs. Interestingly, complex challenges that keep IAP’s customers agitated are the same that keep its field specialists on toes. IAP gains an edge in the market by taking its customers goals as part of its mission. With its corporate offices located in Florida, United States, IAP Worldwide Services functions in over 100 regions across the globe.

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IAP WorldWide Services is Experiencing a Fast-paced Growth

IAP is a top provider of groundbreaking global-scale logistics, management of facilities, and technical and professional services. The firm has over 2,000 workers in over 25 countries across the globe. IAP specializes in solving complex challenges that private and public sector clients face. It handles the unanticipated events ranging from the overseas battlefield to the natural disasters. It has a quick response to emergencies. The firm oversees the maintenance and operation of military installations nearly the size of a minor city, civilian facilities, as well as remote research laboratories.

Brief history

IAP Worldwide is established in Irmo, SC as a company that specializes in logistics and procurement. Initially, the company supplied generators to the United States Army situated in Saudi Arabia. After several years of offering exceptional services, IAP became a primary supporter of the Nation’s Army in Operation Desert Storm. Today, the company has formed a strong partnership with the United States Military. It continues to handle global procurement, transportation, emergency disaster relief, and mobile power generation services.

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Acquisition and expansion

IAP has been a top global service company for over 60 years. The Cape Canaveral, the FL-based firm has offices in the United Kingdom, Washington D.C area, and Panama City. It announced the acquisition of Oklahoma-based Aviation & Logistic venture, Inc. and Aberdeen-based Tactical Communications & Network Solutions venture (TCNS) from DRS Technologies. The Aviation and Logistic business offer logistics, aircraft repair and maintenance, and mission support services. TCNS offers information technology, engineering, and revolutionary communications solutions to the Department of State of the United States and other government agencies.

The acquisition of these two leading businesses is part of IAP lasting growth tactic. The firm will integrate both businesses and improve the quality of services offered to the clients. Its primary goal is to maintain a fast growth and still manage to provide high-quality services.

Statements of Doug Kitani

Doug Kitani confirmed that the acquisition of networking solutions, communication, and aviation businesses from DSR would assist IAP in expanding its portfolio of services rendered to U.S, worldwide government, and agencies. Apart from buying out new businesses, the company has been carrying out research and coming up with innovative solutions. As the CEO of IAP Worldwide Service Inc., Doug Kitani specializes in implementing the investment strategies, and overseeing the firm’s overall growth plans.

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