Squaw Valley Overcomes Weather and Political Challenges

A drought has not made it easy on Lake Tahoe’s north shore community. The resorts and the small businesses that depend on this weather. There has been a political battle too, which has caused problems for the businesses. There has been a push for incorporation. The incorporation would cover Olympic Valley and Squaw Valley Resort among other territories.

Andy Wirth, CEO of Squaw Valley, believes that this will turn around soon, both the weather and incorporation. Early season storms and cold temperatures helped Squaw Valley open earlier than in decades. Squaw Valley Resort has spent thousands of dollars opposing the incorporation efforts, which could result in higher taxes. Those who are for the incorporation efforts believe that Squaw Valley is more self-involved. The incorporation backers believe that Squaw Valley does not want to answer to a town council instead of the Placer County board of supervisors. Wirth feels that transportation and other issues are far more important.

Incorporate Olympic Valley is a non-profit organization that believes incorporation is the key to preserving our natural resources. Incorporate Olympic Valley is the name of the political committee that pushes for the incorporation of the Valley and other surrounding areas. Some of the concerns about taxes are not true. Property and local taxes can not be changed because they are fixed. Only new taxes can happen by vote of the town. Incorporated cities and towns have more self-determination and control over their government. Every system comes with its benefits, and town incorporation can help to organize an infastructure.

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