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Have you ever googled yourself or your companies name? Were you happy with the search results, or were there bad reviews of you and your company? Online reputation management is controlling how others see you or your company. Controlling your image on the Internet can be a vital part of your business endeavors and practices. When there is a bad review about you or your company it is important to weaken or eliminate these reviews in order to stay keeps a good reputation.

The importance of having a good reputation should be very obvious by now. When conducting business, seeking a job, or even conducting a legitimate business. If a customer sees pictures online of someone partying or participating in illegal or sketchy activities it can scar the person or business at hand. We live in an age where there are cameras and security everywhere. There should always be someone to keep the business accountable because of these facts alone. Remember everyone is always being watched. Always keep any business associates accountable, because you never know who is watching.

People have lost jobs, marriages, grants for college, and even their reputations due to having a bad review online. Having a disgruntled ex-employee or even a pissed off customer leaving a bad review can lead to a lack of trust and ruin the reputation a business has with its customers. Showing up on a Google search can be a vital part in any businesses success. We live in an Information Age and with most people having the Internet at their fingertips by phone tablet or laptop it is a vital thing to show up when prompted on Google.

Why is it so hard to clean up my businesses name? As companies like Five Blocks (review here) will tell you, sometimes it may be necessary to make more positive reviews in order to overwhelm all of the negative remarks online this will help to discredit anything negative. Hiring someone experienced in online reputation management may help when creating more positive aspects for the business purposes. Having professionals that specialize in creating quality content can be what it takes to redeem your company’s name.

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