The Success of Schools in the Rocketship Education Network Makes Headlines Across the Country

In recent years, there has been a move toward providing students from low-income backgrounds with better educational opportunities. As a result of the high demand from parents and educators, a non-profit network of charter schools known as Rocketship Education was formed. The goal of these schools is to provide children at the elementary school level with the type of education they need to move forward in their middle school, high school and even college years. The success of the schools in this network has been so immense they are even backed by celebrities such as Andre Agassi. At a recent opening of a new school in the Rocketship Education network Mr. Agassi commented upon the need to address the daunting issue of public education as it pertains to students from low-income families.

The Rocketship network of charter schools being opened under the approval of celebrities are not the only headlines about these schools capturing the attention of people across the nation. There are many instances where the parents or teachers associated with students in the public school system speak out about the importance of providing a higher level of quality in the schools located within areas at or below the poverty level. Parents with low incomes often speak out about the need their children have to attend the same type of high-performing schools as other children. The expansion of the network of schools under the Rocketship Education heading has made it possible for more children to receive the type of education that gives them a good shot at being accepted into a college.

One of the articles about Rocketship Education highlighted a school that was opened in the San Jose area of California. Educators in this area saw the new charter school as a much needed opportunity for children in this region to grow into adults that could obtain prosperity in their lives. Low-income families living in the San Jose area have a harder time finding jobs, which unfortunately, casts a shadow on the future of their children. The addition of the Rocketship charter schools has significantly brightened the outlook of many families living within the San Jose area.