Kabbalah Centre – A Better Way to Approach and Lead a Fulfilling Life

How you look at your world directly impacts how your current life is and one can predicts its future. Everyone longs for a joyful life with a lasting fulfillment, and that is exactly what Kabbalah is about. It is an ancient wisdom that provides one with practical tools necessary for bringing about joy and a lasting fulfillment. At Kabbalah Centre, Kabbalah is taught not as a scholarly study, but for the individual to create a better life, which translates to a better world.

Kabbalah centre is a nonprofit organization whose teachings are pointed towards the benefit of life and enjoying everyday life. At this centre, the teachers provide students with spiritual tools that are based on the Kabbalistic principles. In turn, if the students apply them as they see fit, they are guaranteed to improve their lives, hence making the world a better place. The center was established in 1922 by Rav Yehuda Ashlag. Today, it has expanded globally to over 40 cities other than it having an unwavering online presence.

The Kabbalah Centre believes that their teaching long pre-dates the teachings of the bible and religions and it is in that regard that anyone regardless of religion, faith or path can study it. The course of study provided describes creation, both spiritual and physical laws of the universe, existence of man and the journey of the soul.

Kabbalah believes in and passes on to its learners, 5 core principles.

Sharing – It is the purpose of life and the only way to receive life fulfillment is through it.

Awareness and balance of ego – Ego directs people to be selfish, hurtful, narrow minded, addicted etc.

The existence of spiritual laws – These laws of the universe directly affect people.

We are all one – Everyone has a spark of the creator that binds everyone into one totality.

Leaving ones comfort zone creates miracle – one should strive to become uncomfortable for the sake of helping others.

Kabbalah Centre Charitable Projects

In a bid to create a better life for people, the centre is involved in walking from town to town sharing, giving charity, and helping people. Some of its charitable causes and projects include,

  1. a) The Kabbalah Centre Charitable Causes (KCCC)
  2. b) The Zohar project
  3. c) Kabbalah Centre Scholarship Fund
  4. d) Support for Spirituality For Kids
  5. e) Support for Kids Creating Peace
  6. f) Kabbalah Children Academy (KCA)

To this day, Kabbalah Centre is steadfast in making the wisdom of Kabbalah highly accessible so as not to be the only place to learn the teachings.


Kabbalah And Life Quality

There are ancient teachings in Kabbalah including the study of astrology, and how more easily to access the light of god by diminishing Klippot or violence and negative energy. The study of Kabbalah is not a religion in itself. Though it is derived from the Jewish interpretation of the bible, the study of Kabbalah is not limited to only Jewish people or people who understand Hebrew to study.

This has recently changed and the study of Kabbalah that was once limited to Hebrew literate Jewish men over the age of 40 is now available for everyone to study. People of any ethnicity, religion, or belief can study Kabbalah at the Kabbalah Center.

What Kabbalah teaches is not a forced religion in any way. The teachings of Kabbalah can open up a students eyes to gaining a better understanding of how cosmic forces and negative energy may be affecting their lives. Kabbalah teaches methods of meditation that helps to counter Klippot so that their lives may be led in a more positive direction in the light of god.

These teachings are available in a traditional classroom style at centers across the country, in Europe and in Israel. There are also additional and supplemental ways to study via live stream, volunteering, and group activities and events through the center.

Kabbalah has improved many people’s lives and helped them to gain a deeper understanding of their life when things feel rocky and unstable. Relationships can feel as if they are falling apart, and there may be a lot of fighting. Jobs and careers may feel unstable and a person may be unsure of their true path in their career. Many people are unsure of their true path in their life at large. Kabbalah can help people to gain a better insight into the forces that be and create a more stable life. Finding a Kabbalah Centre is easy, there are many throughout the United States in major cities. Visit the Kabbalah Centre on their website for more information.