Stephen Murray Leaves A Legacy For Younger Executives

For many young people entering the world of finance, learning about those who came before them is a very good way to understand how to move forward and become successful. Stephen Murray CCMP Capital, one of the penultimate financiers of the past two decades is one person who proved able to consistently show the way.

Education is important:

Stephen Murray started getting involved in finance while he was at Boston College, completing his education with a master’s degree from Columbia University.  And while there are a lot of people who finish business school and resolve that one degree is enough, it is important to remember that before people feel comfortable handing you the keys to their financial kingdom, they will always look for an educational underpinning that indicates you are able to mix theory with operations.

You also need the right moves:

From the beginning in his financial career, Stephen was able to make a difference by helping to pick winners that would provide the returns that investors are looking for.  If you are in finance, you may know how difficult it is to consistently work under pressure to  develop a system that can outperform what other people have on the market.

On top of the pressures to perform, there is also a constant siren song amidst corporate mergers that calls to people to move to other organizations that may help them move forward even more.  Stephen was fairly adept at thriving and staying put.

That level of commitment allowed him to eventually spin off from JP Morgan and Partners as CEO of a completely new company known as CCMP. At CCMP Stephen Murray sat on the board of directors for several companies that his firm was backing financially- helping them make the decisions that would allow them to grow.

And you cannot forget the community:

Whether he was at JP Morgan or CCMP, Stephen got involved in helping the local community out by working as a member of the Make A Wish Foundation.  Enriching the lives of others that may not have the same economic foundation as they experience crisis in their lives proved to be a rewarding endeavour.

Ultimately, Stephen excelled at CCMP and helped grow some of the best known names in corporate America into large companies.  His legacy as a developmental executive is a very public career that younger people can point to when they are determining how to proceed in their own careers.

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