David Giertz Tells Advisors to Talk About Social Security to Retain Their Clients

According to David Giertz, social security is an important topic that most advisors ignore when talking to their customers. During an interview with Veronica Dagher, the President of Nationwide Financial highlighted the importance of informing the clients about social security. In his statement during the interview, David noted that many advisors tend to ignore talking to their customers about the importance of social security. According to a survey conducted by Nationwide Financial on soundcloud.com, it revealed that advisors do not talk to their clients about social security. A similar study on Instagram also indicated that about four-fifths of individuals would consider letting go of their advisers if they do not speak about social security.

According to David, many advisors keep off the topic of social security since it is complex. A single book that illustrates the complexity of social security is the Handbook with over 2700 rules. David noted that advisors need to talk about social security especially if they want to retain their clients.

Social security is a huge thing, especially in retirement planning since it can account for up to two-fifths of an individual’s income on about.me. Advisers can talk to their clients so that they can plan their timing appropriately. People who enter into social security too early could end up losing thousands of dollars over the course of their retirement period.

About David Giertz
Operating out of Dublin, Ohio, David Giertz is the current president of Nationwide Financial Distributors where he has served since 2013. Before this position, he worked for Nationwide Financial as the Vice president of sales at FI/WH, a position he held from 2009 at https://onmogul.com/david-giertz-70. His primary duty at Nationwide Financial involves overseeing mutual funds and Life insurance through banks.

David has been serving in the Insurance industry for over 30 years now. He is a registered broker at FINRA. David Giertz went to the University of Miami where he graduated with a master’s degree in Business Administration.