End Citizens United Names Its Republican Targets For The 2018 Midterms

The 2018 Midterm elections are looking once again as 2017 draws to a close and turns political thinking to strategy over the coming battle for control of the Houses of Congress. End Citizens United may appear to have a single mission since the PAC was established in 2015 to change the way election finances are managed in the wake of the 2010 Supreme Court decision known as Citizens United but the group is also looking to impact the makeup of Congress; End Citizens United believes the best option for reversing the growing level of influence major political donors have is to elect Democrats friendly to the cause of changing campaign finance regulations.

In a bid to make the changes wanted by End Citizens United become a reality, this traditional PAC has identified a group of 20 Republican politicians in both Houses who are claimed to have put the needs of big money donors ahead of their own constituents. There are a number of major Republican names on the list known as the “Big Money 20” including House Speaker Paul Ryan and 2016 Presidential candidate, Senator Ted Cruz. Although many experts believe the safety of the areas these 20 conservative politicians call home does not make them vulnerable a shifting economy could soon see traditional conservative areas turn blue.

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Revealing the list of the politicians’ End Citizens United feel have failed their nation and constituents, Executive Director and President, Tiffany Muller explained it was time for the electorate to take control of U.S. politics once more. According to politifact.com Tiffany Muller went on to explain the group of 20 expressed the worst side in politics, in the opinion of herself and the members of End Citizens United.

The latest developments in revealing the politicians End Citizens United will target in 2018 come at a time when the average donation to the group had grown and resulted in more than $7 million being donated by the middle of 2017. The impressive nature of this fundraising is even more impressive when it is revealed the PAC caps donations at $5,000 to remove any chance of a single donor influencing its future direction. By the time the 2018 midterm elections arrive, End Citizens United hope to have raised more than $35 million to fund the campaigns of Democrats friendly to the cause of repealing the Citizens United decision.

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