Equality in an Unequal World

The world is a very diverse and interesting place. And one that is constantly changing due to globalization and broadcasting through social media, which was made possible by the utilization of the internet. Although it would seem that he quality would be a major theme for the world to start to take part in, it would appear that the opposite in many cases is what takes place. Unequal practices in regards to race, religion, and other such stereotypical topics of bias, are commonly found within the United States and abroad. This means that certain people are not offered the same opportunities as others, something which is often categorized based upon social class and social norms. In order to try and come back these issues, David Osio, a man who has created Davos Financial Group, is the representative of individuals identifying as Hispanics within the United States. Osio seeks to make a better America for everyone, regardless of where they originally came from.

David Osio was originally from Venezuela, and this is where he received a law degree which allowed him to build up skills and abilities and how to properly deal with people from multiple different backgrounds. Taking what he learned from his law degree Lucio move to Miami, Florida, in order to begin Davos Financial Group, a financial advisory company that was created to support Hispanic American citizens. This identifies David Osio is not only a well-tailored business man, but also as a humanitarian individual who truly cares about his customers.

Lucio brings to the table a large array of skills and abilities that Hispanic Americans can rely on and Trust. This includes the ability to translate information that other businessmen would not do. Such important financial decisions like housing cost, investment opportunities, as well as whether or not Hispanic Americans should spend the money or take out a loan to open their own small business, or all issues that Osio helps his customers deal with.

Davos Financial Group is a company that supports the people that it relies on for business. It was designed not just to make money but as a way to diversify America to new levels. Davos Financial Group’s business model is one that should be emulated by other companies, especially when taking into consideration how important a diversified America would be. There needs to be a move for reformation, and Osio has started it.