How Madison Street Capital Earned Its Stellar Reputation

Madison Street Capital, headquartered in Chicago is driven to provide the best advice in financial matters possible to businesses around the world. The firm counsels its clients on subjects like attaining business credit, making investment decisions, and managing complicated transactions.

Madison Street Capital also provides accurate valuations to companies and well-known for its consultation services in mergers and acquisitions. Read more: Madison Street Capital | Crunchbase

The stellar reputation Madison Street Capital has accumulated in the industry stems from the success the company has demonstrated in assisting a multitude of high profile companies.

Credit Obtainment

MSC announced in 2014 that it counseled the Illinois-based company Vital Care Industries MSC played an instrumental role in aiding the medical product manufacturing firm to gain a favorable commercial loan. Vital Care has publicly stated their appreciation for the assistance the company received from MSC.

Praise for Co-Founder

In 2015, Madison Street Capital co-founder Anthony Marsala received a prestigious award that recognizes impressive work from young business leaders. Marsala holds a master’s degree and has accumulated 14 years of experience in the industry. Marsala manages the day to day operations for MSC.

Award Finalist

Finance professionals in 2014 named Madison Street Capital a finalist for the M&A Advisory award. The award honors companies that have demonstrated skills in financing, acquisitions and deal restructure. MSC was also a finalist for the best industrial merger with less than a $100 million value.

Awards Won

MSC was the recipient of the turnaround award in 2017. The award was in recognition for the completion of the best deal restructure with a value of less than $25 million. More than 300 firms were in direct competition for this distinction.

Merger Assistance

Earlier this year, Madison Street Capital added to their reputation for providing corporations with wisdom and advice while considering the feasibility of merger transactions. The beneficiary of MSC expertise this time was DCG software. Learn more about Madison Street Capital:

MSC worked with DCG while the company mulled a merger with The Spitfire Group. DCG offers software and analysis programs and maintains offices in Great Britain and Pennsylvania.

Investment Projects

Also this year, Madison Street Capital advised ARES Security Corporation on an investment opportunity pertaining to the subordinating of debt and minority capitalization. ARES Security Corporation provides protection to entities in need of computer system protection.

WLR Automotive Group, based in Maryland was also a beneficiary of MSC’s excellent advice on investment matters. MSC worked with the company on a deal involving a $13 million sale-leaseback deal. A company in Texas going by the name of SCF Realty Capital was the second party to the transaction.

The MSC Mission

Madison Capital is dedicated to providing it’s clients with the highest level of business advice possible. Madison strives to get an accurate picture of both the valuation of the company and the company’s negotiating position to accomplish this goal.

Madison gives the company both an accurate picture of their current state and helps to crystallize the future opportunities for company clients.