Inmates Feel Good about Helping their Kids with Homework

When most kids struggle with their homework they usually have the support of a parent to help them out. When it comes to children with incarcerated parents this might not be the case. Close to 3 million children within the U.S. has a parent that is locked away behind bars. This is a very disturbing situation because a child is being deprived of a parental figure.


Securus is a technology company that provides inmate communications to people. This organization has been around for many years helping to incarcerated felons to keep in touch with their families. I have read about the work that Securus does for inmates. I can honestly say that they are doing a good job with helping inmates to thrive.


An inmate can use the Securus’s Video Visitation App to observe their son or daughter while they are doing their homework. They can watch them as they learn how to read or help guide them through a tough math problem. More importantly, they can see their child’s face light up because of their presence.


 Securus knows that when an incarcerated felon has contact with his family that they will do better while behind bars. I know from personal experience that people really do need to have their loved ones in their corner when they are locked away.

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Jail is not a great place to be and no one wants to be there. Kids with incarcerated parents should be able to have them around on some occasions to provide help when it is needed. Securus gives them the opportunity to do this. An inmate can help their child to do their homework and to keep them on a good path. You can discover more information about the Video Visitation App on their website.

Securus Video Visitation – Homework from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.