Keith Mann Gives Back To The New York Community

The CEO of Dynamics Search Partners, Keith Mann, has been a major part of the Wall Street community for many years after he became an expert in source the best candidates for various parts of the financial industry. Keith Mann has been at the heart of Wall Street and the global financial industry throughout the majority of his life, but he has also looked to make sure his own success is reflected in the New York community as a whole. In his work with Dynamics Search Partners, Keith Mann has found success recruiting executives for the hedge fund and alternative investments industry in the U.S., Asia, and Europe.


Throughout each year Keith Mann and his wife Keely can be found looking for the best ways of giving back to the community as they enjoy the success provided by Keith’s development of the Dynamics Search Partners brand. In 2015, the couple looked to try and change the perception of the New York Police Department at a time of tension within the city by providing breakfast for members of the 54th Precinct; members of the Mann family are involved in law enforcement and Keith hoped his gesture would help show the vast majority of police officers are dedicated professionals.


Alongside the support Keith and Keely Mann have provided for the New York Police Department the couple has also looked to ensure the future of many young people is secure with their links to the Uncommon schools program. Keith headed a fundraising effort on Wall Street for the network of more than 40 charter schools across New York that raised over $22,000 in a single night to make sure students had a better chance of receiving a high quality education; Keith Mann’s Dynamics Search Partners has also been responsible for providing over $10,000 in finding to make sure all testing is completed for students attending this school network.