Mike Heiligenstein Talks About Innovations That Will Ease Traffic in Austin

Some time back, Viewpoints editorial ad reported that traffic congestion was bound to get worse in Austin. The American-Statesman argued that everyone in the community had a role to play in solving the traffic crisis in Austin.

In his statement, Mike Heiligenstein expressed his gratitude to the statesman for recognizing the traffic issue and concurred with them that it needed multiple resources to tackle the congestion problem facing Austin. Mike Heiligenstein was quick to note that Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority was focusing on developing an innovative solution to the traffic menace.

Mike Heiligenstein pointed out that Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority would help to build mobility solutions. According to Mike, his company constructed 183A Toll Road in Cedar Park and Leander, which is set to help the communities even as they experience the tremendous growth.

The company also built the U.S 290 toll road between Austin and Manor, which contributed to triple the capacity of the previous road. It also helped to improve the lanes that were already there. Mike notes that his company is not a private corporation, but a local and accountable entity that was established by the people of Williamson and Travis counties.

Mike highlights that the mission of Mobility Authority is to innovate. The company has already built new MoPac Express Lanes that have instituted variable tolling that utilizes sophisticated technology to help in managing traffic flow. Mike notes that whereas they have tried so much to eliminate congestion, there is still more that needs to be done.

Variable tolling rates will help to synchronize supply and demand to ensure a predictable flow of traffic in the area. Mike notes that the authority’s aim is to ensure that traffic flows in all directions. The company aims at baking technology solutions into their future works so as to make them “smart roads’.

Fiber lines are already embedded in the 183 South projects that the company built between US 290 and the airport. The company has partnered with Metropia to create a mobile traffic app that is integrated with their traffic monitoring system to provide real-time information on routes for commuters.

About Mike Heiligenstein

Heiligenstein serves as the Executive Director of the Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority. The authority is a multimodal transportation agency whose primary focus is to create innovative ways to ease mobility on the roads.

Mike has served in the Mobile Authority since 2003 and was tasked with overseeing its growth from a start agency to popular leader in toll road operations.