Mr. Greg Secker and his Accomplishments in Trading Education

Mr. Greg Secker is a man of many trades. He is established as an international speaker, as well as an entrepreneur, a trader, and a philanthropist.

One of the most successful creations of Mr. Greg Secker is the Knowledge to Action Group, and it was established more than ten years ago in 2003. The Knowledge to Action group consists of a few companies operating in the industry of trading. The companies included in the Knowledge to Action Group are Lear to Trade, Capital Index, Smart Chart Software, as well as the Greg Secker Foundation. The common denominator of those businesses is teaching people how to trade and excel in it in order to change their lives for the better.

Mr. Greg Secker started his career at the company of Thomas Cook Financial Services. After that, Mr. Greg Secker decided to take control of his professional establishment and start a business as well. He created the Virtual Trading Desk which was a place for foreign exchange. It is a revolutionary business as it was the first platform online that offered a Forex trading system that is converting in real time. Mr. Greg Secker was recognized for his professional accomplishments and soon after he became the Vice President of Mellon Financial Corporation. Mr. Greg Secker benefitted greatly from that position. His career involved a lot of traveling as well as teaching others how to accomplish success in the world of trading.

Learn to Trade was created three years after he became the Vice President of Mellon Financial Corporation. The knowledge that Mr. Greg Secker had amassed prompted him to establish the program. Learn to Trade soon became a leader in trading education and it has helped a vast number of people change their lives for the better. Currently, Learn to Trade has three office buildings. There is an office building in London as well as one in South Africa and another in Australia. Up to date, Learn to Trade has educated more than 200 000 people and has created a few dozen programs, workshops, and seminars each catered to the specific needs and levels of the students.