New Tool Assesses Wikipedia’s Missing Articles in a Multitude of Languages

Wikipedia has grown immensely, with over 4 million English articles alone. But what about those articles in other languages? Are there key articles that are missing, and how would you know with so much information on the site? A new tool, developed by computer scientists at Stanford, offers recommendations on which articles are missing from specific languages based on an algorithm program. The tool recommends the articles that need to be added and even gives Wikipedia editors references on important second language articles that could be used as material to add the new article. This helps democratize access to knowledge worldwide and expands the Wikipedias of those of alternative and less-used languages.

To test this program, they did an experiment with the English and French wikipedias, outlining important articles that were missing in French. The idea is that letting editors know of these gaps, while simultaneously showing them that this is a form of community service that enhances knowledge in their communities, will cause a huge surge in article creation. Their experiment showed that directing Wikipedia editors for hire to random missing articles caused twice the amount of article creation, while tailoring these missing articles to the editors’ personal interests caused triple the amounts of article creation.

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