Planning a Stress Free Party with Lauren Conrad

Lauren Conrad, known for her time on The Hills, has conquered just about every industry possible. She has two clothing collections, nine published books, and 10 million combined social media followers. Now she has decided to work in an industry she loves: food and entertaining.

During a recent interview with Redbook, Lauren Conrad shares her party planning tips to a happier party and happier hostess. The first item on the agenda is to stop worrying about perfection. She feels that perfection leads to parties that look too “fussy” and those type of parties may make guests feel uncomfortable. Also, when you party plan with a partner, for example she plans with her husband, you need to learn to compromise. She has to do easier themes, involving items that all people probably having, like cut offs.

Parties all have the same goal and that is to have fun. If the party goers and hostess alike is not having fun, then it is not the type of party it needs to be. The hostess should be having fun too. The priority at a party is to celebrate, and that includes everyone, not just the party goers. Letting go of perfection may be the first time in letting the hostess relax.

Sometimes, party and event planning can be a daunting task, which is why there are firms out there to help. 23 Layers is a group of NYC event planners geared towards helping hosts or hostesses plan everything from events to birthday parties. They cover event functions and personal parties with unique style and detail.

They take the worry out of planning, allowing you to have the details you want without all the party planning stress. 23 Layers is a great firm to help plan the next event, and the cover every aspect from design to food.

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