Securus Technologies Cracking Down on Prison Drugs

Drugs in our prison is something we try very hard to eradicate. Me and my fellow officers know first-hand what happens to an inmate who is under the influence of drugs while behind bars. Add into that mix an inmate taking the wrong drugs or too much of one, and they go from a violent to deadly offender. The most frustrating part of the situation is these inmates will often comment how easy it is for them to be able to get those drugs inside the jail compared to when they were out on the streets.


In an effort to put a stop to the flow of drugs through our facility, we work in different areas of the jail at the same time in order to tighten the noose on this issue. First, we do searches of the inmates and their guests in the visitor center. Next, we are always doing inspections of cells throughout the day. Lastly, we monitor inmate calls and listen for key conversations that could tip us off to potential problems.


When we first had Securus Technologies install their inmate call monitoring system, we didn’t think it would offer much in the way of revealing the location or whereabouts of drugs. Once we were taught how to use the LBS software, it became apparent that we had something that could help us to really take proactive measures to eliminate this problem once and for all. Securus Technologies has 2,600 of these same monitoring systems in prisons all over the country, and now we know why.


As soon as an inmate talks about how they can get drugs, sell drugs, or use drugs inside our jail, the alert feature lets us know so that we have the ability now to get ahead of the problem instead of always being in reaction mode.