Squaw Valley Issues Water Statement

Following the discovery in November of 2016 that a water system used by Squaw Valley’s upper mountain resorts contained E. coli and coliform bacteria, the resort issued a statement on the issue.


Squaw Valley Alpine Meadows Public Relations Director Liesl Kenney wrote in the statement that an “unusually heavy rainstorm” in October of last year caused the water system to become contaminated, although guests were “at no point” exposed to the contaminated water. She also said that the particular water system in question only affected the High Camp and Gold Coast resorts.


The water quality has already improved, following consistent treatment. Placer County Environmental Health Director Wesley Nicks told the Sierra Sun in December that three out of four of the upper mountain wells currently show low levels of coliform bacteria, and no E. coli.


Kenney wrote in the statement that High Camp and Gold Coast will not return to normal water usage until Squaw Valley receives assurance from health officials of the water’s safety. “Our guests at High Camp and Gold Coast will have normal and full access to our facilities,” says the statement.


Squaw Valley assures the public that it takes the water issue very seriously. “The safety of our customers is paramount to us,” Kenney wrote.


Restaurants at the upper mountain remain closed during the water treatment, but skiers may otherwise continue to enjoy the slopes. Squaw Valley will inform them when they can drink the water again. In the meantime, wrote Kenney, guests may enjoy bottled water, on the house.


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