The CFO of Skout Helps Women Succeed

The Chief Financial Officer of Skout, Portia Kersten, was recently interviewed for the Huffington Post’s section on Women in Business about her personal insight on achieving incredible success as a woman in business. The profile on Kersten features her humble roots and details how she was able to achieve the position of CFO of Skout, the largest global platform for meeting new people. It certainly inspires other aspiring female professionals to dig deep and think about how they can embark on their own path to professional success, just like Kersten did for herself.

When asked about how she balances her hectic professional and personal life, Kersten admits that it is almost a miracle that she accomplishes all of her necessary tasks. She also says that she has her high level of operating efficiency to thank for being able to check everything off all of her list. Another secret to Kersten’s success is that she is able to prioritize activities in both her personal and professional lives so that she is only spending her time engaged in the most worthwhile things to her.

Kersten says she has a strong female mentor to thank for helping her on the path of professional success. She says that she enjoys paying it forward and mentoring other young professional women to achieve the same, which she says is crucial in the business climate of today. She has always looked to strong female role models who have had to overcome some type of serious adversity to be able to achieve greatness. Kersten points to Margaret Thatcher as an example of an extremely powerful and successful female leader. Because Thatcher also struggled from more humble roots, Kersten says she finds her very inspiring, no matter what her political leanings tend to be.

Looking forward, Kersten says that she hopes that Skout will continue to be an innovator in the market for bringing all different types of people around the world together for a positive experience. She finds great fulfillment in seeing the company succeed and is thankful to be surrounded by such talented and energetic colleagues who work tirelessly to make that happen. She draws on her vast business experience to continue to push Skout to be a leader in the global marketplace.

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