The Overtures of OSI Group

OSI Group is a food processing company based in Aurora. The company was founded in early 1989 and has taken great strides over the years. They major in producing pork and beef products for restaurant use. The company has been bestowed several awards over the years like the Globe of Honor in 2015 and also in 2013.

Recently, they were awarded the prestigious Globe of Honor Award from the British Safety Council again. This was to recognize their valuable work in the management of environmental risks. The function was held at the Drapers’ Hall in the City of London. With the current environmental effects being experienced across the world, the government of Britain via their county governments has taken the action of awarding those who excel in that category so that others can follow suit.

OSI was among the eighteen organizations that were recognized with the award. For a company to be awarded, it has to acquire a minimum of five stars from the British Safety Council’s environmental management. The stars should also be acquired within three months or else the whole process is repeated all over. The business should also have a whole dedicated department focused on environmental issues.

Lynda Armstrong, the Director of British Safety Council, said that on behalf of their staff and trustees, they would like to congratulate OSI Food Solutions for their exemplary work. Globe of Honour is the most prestigious award worldwide regarding environmental factors. Many companies are currently going green and emerging as a winner of this award is not an easy task.

According to documents recorded at the Cook County Recorder of Deeds. OSI has taken over the Tyson Foods plant in Chicago for a fee of in excess of seven and a half million dollars. Tyson Foods had previously announced that more than five hundred jobs would be lost since they were on the verge of closing down. It is not clear if the jobs have already been lost or OSI has come to their rescue.

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From their website, OSI Group explained that the big facility was acquired due to its close proximity to their Chicago branch. This will be a decisive facility in the coming year as they plan to expand rapidly and be able to serve the whole nation. Tyson Foods focused on availing ready-made meals for patients in the hospitality industry. Customers demand change sporadically and the company needs to be prepared for such a change.

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