Twenty Tree Layers and DeJuan Stroud on Planning Successful Events

Event planner DeJuan Stroud who has planned many events for Donald Trump, Jon Bon Jovi and Michael Bloomberg recently stopped in Houston where he visited with reporters fromĀ Houston Culture Map. He says that there are three current trends in planning a party that organizers should wholeheartedly endorse.

The first of those trends is to provide a variety of seating options at the same event. He suggests that some possible options include long tables, round tables, banquet seating and lounge seating. Providing a variety of seating allows everyone to sit where they are most comfortable.
The second trend is to incorporate elements that will hold everyone’s attention. One possible choice is using only one type of flower in an eye appealing arrangement. He stresses that way to many people want to incorporate too many items.

A third trend is to serve food family style even for black tie affairs. This often cuts down on the cost of food since the caterer does not have to hire as many staff. Also, it allows everyone to choose the amount of food that is right for them. Serving family style can also be a great way to get guests talking to each other.

If you are interested in planning the perfect affair, then contact Twenty Three Layers who can help you handle all of the details. They fully understand that planning a party on any budget can be a difficult affair. That is why it is a great idea to leave the planning to them as they understand the indispensable elements needed to create and execute seamlessly successful corporate and private events. They believe that the food served at your party should tell a story so they work carefully with you to create custom cocktails and food choices that will delight your palette. Twenty Three Layers urges everyone to use lighting to help create the mood of the event. This is one element that they say many people often overlook that can be crucial to the success of your event.

If you are interested in learning how to create your own successful event, then consider attending one of their custom workshops where you can learn from the experts. Just a few of the clients that they have worked with during these workshops include Anthropologie, West Elm and Ethan Allen.

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